Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Where to go, where to go....

One thing hubby and I are both pretty excited about is the opportunity for "discovery" in our new city - finding new favourites in everything from the basics (a nice grocery store, for example) to restaurants to touristy sites and places to spend our free time (especially as spring and summer approach - I can't say there's much incentive to get out and explore in -15 degrees).

In Toronto, it was easy. We were there for awhile, we knew where we liked to go and we had seasonal favourites.

Hamilton is a bit more of a challenge. Sure, we like going to wineries and the Niagara region in general, and will definitely be doing some of that. But what about Hamilton itself? Surely there are interesting things to explore here? So far, we've ventured as far as Lime Ridge Mall and the movie theatre....fun, yes - but you can visit these in any suburb/city. We're on the hunt for some Hamilton-exclusive gems.

I'll be talking about our hunt for new favourite spots in this blog - but lets start with exciting places to visit in The Hammer (tourist attractions, if you will).

So far, I've relied on my friends who spent their university years here to give me their initial recommendations. Something I was surprised to hear is that there's a castle in Hamilton - check it out: http://www.hamilton.ca/CultureandRecreation/Arts_Culture_And_Museums/HamiltonCivicMuseums/Dundurn/Dundurn_Castle.htm

An acquantaince who grew up in Dundas, ON also told us about the "Rail Trail" - a 32k hiking and biking trail, which looks fantastic: http://www.grandriver.ca/index/document.cfm?Sec=21&Sub1=86&sub2=0

Also, coincidentally, the Hamilton Air Show is coming back this summer, after a 10-year absence. (Egotistically, I said to hubby that this decision was made in order to welcome us to town....he, of course, rolled his eyes :)) http://www.thespec.com/news/local/article/477559--hamilton-air-show-returns-after-10-years

As a big fan of Toronto's St. Lawrence Market, the grand re-opening of Hamilton Farmer's Market also excites me. I can safely say this is something we'll be checking out - will report back later with my thoughts. http://www.hamilton.ca/CultureandRecreation/Arts_Culture_And_Museums/HamiltonFarmersMarket/

Anyway, these are the things I've found so far in our short time here - I would be interested in hearing any suggestions from other Hamiltonians on fun things to explore in the city.

So, safe to say, it will be a spring full of discovery, from the mundane to the exciting....hope you'll join me as I share my thoughts on it all.


  1. An outdoor ice rink was opened this year at Hamilton Harbourfront, right next to Williams Cafe. You can skate as long as you want and then warm up with a Hot Chocolate or Special coffee right next door. Our family loves it, we get to meet people, have fun, and take pleasure in the great views. If you’re not a skater, a nice walk on the trails around Bayfront park and on to Princess Point is pleasant also, you can find more people having fun tobogganing and skating right out in the harbour where it’s the shallowest and freezes well. See more on this link, www.hamiltonwaterfront.com .
    Have fun!

  2. Hi Roy,

    Thanks for your comment! That sounds like a great place to spend a winter afternoon! I'll have to try it out. I noticed via the link that you posted that the waterfront has lots of different events on all year long - thanks for letting me know about it.


  3. hi welcome to Hamilton ..
    Its called the City of Waterfalls .. sure we have ticats and the Farmers Market ,, but we have so much more ,
    Im John Piercy , lived born work in Hamilton
    Got the Hamilton Flickr Group Started in 2005
    Share your pics ... there
    Im at @johncpiercy
    I'll introduce you to more #hamont peeps

  4. There is another rail trail going east from Corktown park to the top of the escarpment near Red Hill Valley - smooth & gentle ride in warmer weather - great city vistas!

  5. That sounds great! Bring on spring...