Monday, April 4, 2011

Its coffee time in The Hammer, Part 2

My coffee tour of Hamilton continues. Although the last time I wrote about this I had scarcely ventured outside of the Locke Street Starbucks (which I enjoy, by the way), I am now slightly more versed on the java options available in The Hammer.

One of our most recent destinations was the Mulberry Street Coffee House - which hubby and I visited one Sunday afternoon after a particularly long open-house visiting session. It is housed in a beautiful building, with photography exhibited on the walls, eclectic, not your run of the mill chain and people were sitting and chatting, enjoying the atmosphere on a laid-back afternoon. We ordered and sat down to do the same.

I will caveat my comments about our trip to Mulberry with a bit of honesty. While we really did enjoy it, we did feel that perhaps we didn't exactly fit in here - it reminded us a lot of some of the artsy coffee houses in Toronto and us being a) not in our 20s anymore and b) not artists/photographers/crafty people and c) not overtly eclectic, we felt that we may have stuck out as being a bit plain and boring! lol. :) Having said that, I'm sure we will go back. It seems like a great addition to the James St. N neighbourhood. To move away from the atmosphere for a second, we enjoyed our coffee, but found the food to be a tad on the expensive side here as well.

Perhaps my favourite new coffee find was Locke St Bakery & Bagel. I decided to give this place a go one afternoon when I was looking to get some writing done outside of the house. It turned out to be a wonderful place to sit and get work done - the coffee & tea were great (and the cookies), the staff are extremely friendly, and they have wi-fi! (also, after the lunch rush finishes, its not too busy).

I've also been to P.A.M.'s in Jackson Square - the coffee was good, but I didn't stay long enough to get any work done there, so can't comment too much on the atmosphere.

Of course, none of these places are walking distance from where we're living at the moment. It does seem that this may not be a concern for much longer (and not just because we're looking to move soon!) I hear on Twitter that a coffee house is on its way to Ottawa Street this summer!

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